Red Hat
Jul 9, 2013
by kborchers

The latest release of AeroGear.js is out. This release contains some important fixes for the Notifier plugin, the addition of running integration tests to our build process and some general cleanup of the repo. For a complete list of bug fixes and changes see the changelog and list of resolved issues below or just go grab the latest version and try it out!


  • Bumping version to 1.1.2
  • Notifier: Remove individual IIFEs which were causing errors by referencing libs that may not necessarily be needed or used at that time. Fixes AGJS-48
  • Remove unnecessary UUID library. Fixes AGJS-49
  • Build: Add Notifier vert.x integration tests
  • Notifier:vertx – Add send method. Fixes AGJS-50
  • Build: Add Notifier STOMPWS adapter integration tests to build and update custom tasks
  • Notifier:StompWS – Add protocol option to be able to specify a STOMP protocol
  • Remove jQuery from package.json dependencies since it’s already included for our tests and has to be externally included when using the library

Resolved JIRA Issues – AGJS

  • AGJS-45
  • AGJS-48
  • AGJS-49
  • AGJS-50
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