Red Hat
Oct 24, 2013
by Shane K Johnson

I’ve been tossing around the idea of organizing a discussion and whiteboarding event anchored by Eric Schabell, Keeny Peeples, and myself. The three of us have a hands-on background that includes solution architecture and consulting, and together, we provide subject matter expertise for the entire Red Hat JBoss middleware portfolio:

  • Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform
  • Red Hat JBoss Data Grid
  • Red Hat JBoss Portal
  • Red Hat JBoss Operations Network
  • Red Hat JBoss BRMS
  • Red Hat JBoss SOA Platform
  • Red Hat JBoss Data Services Platform
  • Red Hat JBoss Fuse
  • Red Hat JBoss A-MQ

For this event, we will not rely on presentations. It’s not a conference. We will not rely on hands-on exercises. It’s not a workshop.

However, the most valuable time during a workshop is the last few hours spent talking with attendees. It’s not the first few hours spent talking to attendees.

There’s substitute for discussion and whiteboarding.

So, why not spend a full day talking with attendees?

If this event has to have a theme, it’s…
The Architecture of Tomorrow, Today.

My plan is to hold the event in Chicago. After all, I live in Chicago. I’m thinking the first week of February. I’m thinking Friday, and I’m thinking 10:00AM to 4:00PM. Why? Happy hour. There is room for 30 – 40 attendees. My goal is for the three of us to spend time with attendees discussing architecture, challenges, solutions, and the role of Red Hat JBoss middleware. We can discuss customer stories, use cases, and reference architectures. However, it is not my goal to limit the discussion to Red Hat JBoss middleware. It could, and should, include cloud, big data, mobile, and social. I want to lead a discussion on the technology of a modern, enterprise architecture.

That being said, I want the discussion to be driven by the attendees. I’ve created a few polls. If you are interesting in attending this event, please feel free to select multiple options, create a new one, or leave a comment.

I’m still working on the details. There will be more to come.

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